2020's Best Hearing Aids
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- What makes a good hearing aid?
- The difference between different types of hearing aids
- Your level of hearing loss and which is the best hearing aid style.
- How to choose are hearing aid based on your lifestyle and budget.
- The best behind the ear and invisible hearing aids.

Learn more about the best hearing aids on the market.

Unlike other hearing aid retailers in America, Yes Hearing is completely independent from any hearing aid manufacturers. Therefore, we can give you a complete overview of the hundreds of hearing aid models on the market, helping you to make a decision that suits your level of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

There have been huge advancements in hearing aid technology over the last year

2020 is set to be the biggest year in the hearing industry. Devices are smaller than ever, more affordable than ever and there are more ways to buy than ever before!


New lithium-ion battery technology means no more fiddly batteries. Some devices can last 24-36 hours on a single charge.


Hearing aids are smaller and more discreet than ever. Our experts break down the smallest devices on the market from Signia & Oticon.


New models can connect directly to your phone, TV, radio and more. They can also be remotely adjusted by your specialist.

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